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Regardless of how it happened, and despite your best intentions, financial matters can spiral out of your control rapidly.  If you are faced with a mortgage foreclosure, and/or a vehicle repossession,  you have the power to stop the bank in its tracks by filing a petition in the Bankruptcy Court.  This can be done on an emergency basis if necessary. 

The laws in New Hampshire and Massachusetts dictate that upon the fall of the auctioneer's gavel at a foreclosure auction, your right to redeem your interest in real estate is terminated.  So, it is vital that any bankruptcy action intending to keep the house must be filed prior to the beginning of the foreclosure auction. 

Likewise, your right to redeem a vehicle that has been repossessed is limited to a short period of time after the fact.  Filing the bankruptcy case imposes an "automatic stay" that bars creditors from proceeding with foreclosures, repossessions, and all other forms of collection. 

There is a surcharge for handling a case on an emergency basis, but it is worth it to be able to save the house from foreclosure and the car from repossession.  With your utmost cooperation, filing your case could be done in as little as two hours.  If warranted, contact me at 603-741-0411 at your earliest convenience if you are facing a foreclosure, repossession or court appearance to show cause for nonpayment of a judgment.